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Photo Shoot with Rafaela L. - Before the Storm

It's in the air for a few days. One and a half to be more specific. It's hanging there, silently. You can't see it, but it's occupying half of the room, if not more. It's bulky, sticky, heavy, almost comforting, if not so air-depriving. You would hate it, if you couldn't feel the reviving nature of it passing, so close, yet so distant. It's that time before the storm. As if all of nature got together to gather its tension, only to explode sometimes hours, sometimes days after with the small waterfalls coming down from the sky, making the scene even darker for a moment, to then clear up quickly, leaving everything behind so refreshed, so green, so full of freedom and lightness. That moment before is almost wicked, that moment after is almost like a flight.


This is the second part out of three of the story with gorgeous Rafaela, and I don't know why, but these beige shades and black lines make me think of the storm. It's where the modern silhouette merges with the classical architecture, inspired by the Greeks, where the before and after come together and dance, taken away by the wind. Come dance.


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