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Model Tests with Linlin - Hiding away

What I love about Munich is the hidden backdrop jams.

There is still so much history in town, and finding those old wooden panels or charismatic staircases becomes a sort of treasure hunt. When shooting outside, it's all a lot like a hunt, and a shooting for luck scenario. You never know if it might rain or "shine bright like a diamond", if avoiding crowds will go successfully, and no matter how much you scout for locations, there will be always some unexpected options popping up.

* * *

We had a lot of fun with Linlin, storming away from the rain, politely trying to break into a local brewery and wrapping it up in a house, managing to get discovered by a handful of neighbors who found the entire process quite amusing. Working outside can surely go to the top of my "will be missed in the winter" list, and to be fair there were so many photo shoots happening recently, it's almost complicated to imagine a different way of doing things now.

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