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Model Tests with Ella - First and not Last

They say we build comfort and experience in motion.

They say we should practice over and over to get better.

What I would add is that we shouldn't stop doing either of the above.

They say we have long and short-term memory. I'm convinced we also have a box in between.

This box houses not our skills but our fluency. This box hosts those 300 test answers for a week before the exam and erases them 2 months after. This box contains the arrogance with which we jump on a bike and cut corners when we use it daily over the summer months, and erases it over winter. Can we still ride that bike? Surely. With as much fluency? Hardly in the first few days. Here also lives all that fancy vocab you charmed all Italian taxi drivers with when today, years later it feels like you can't even speak the language. Is it recoverable? Most likely. Easily? Surely not.


I made myself a few promises at the beginning of this year (haven't we all?)

They include more discipline, more sports, more learning, and more personal work.

In the last few years, I focused more on working with private clients and neglected some shoots and ideas I wanted to do. It's also been forever since I've done model tests - something I've also promised myself to get back to.

This shoot was a first in many ways - first tests in Berlin, first tests after a long time, and first tests in my new home studio.

Let's make every first always one of the many to come. It's nicer this way. <3



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