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Photoshoot with Alla S. for YourHotelMoments & SO/ Das Stue Hotel - When Dreams Take Shape

This shoot we did was at a very special location - the SO/ Das Stue Hotel in Berlin.

The hotel's building was constructed between 1938–1940 by Johann Emil Schaudt, the architect responsible for Berlin's KaDeWe department store. It originally served as a Royal Danish Embassy, later re-imagined as a city getaway for Berlin's guests, tucked away amid the city's biggest park, bordering the Zoo.

The picturesque three-story library, grand staircases, dreamy spa, original parquet flooring, and colorful interior design accents make it a truly unique property to stay at.


As we come in, the room is packed with designer goodies for the outfits, bright sunlight, and a feeling of an exciting day ahead.

I’ve been to these rooms before, slept under these blankets, and vividly remember the feeling of a calm and cozy home I felt during my time around.

We have a wonderful team putting together the looks and makeup - Alla is modeling and it's always a pleasure working with her through projects over the last few years. We shift between rooms, the gym, and the staircase to mix things up and turn our vision for the flyers into reality. Today, you can find them at the reception desk of the hotel.

Photography is all about turning a concept, a mere idea into a tangible image that you can hold, share, and use.

And that's the true magic of it.


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