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Model Tests with Lara - Back to the Roots

We meet with Lara in Munich on a brisk early spring day. For me, this is all about making the odds work. I’m randomly in town that used to be my old home for a photoshoot, staying for a night. In the am of the day after the event I was at, it was finally time to breathe and enjoy a slower morning, a kind visit to a new Aesop shop, and do some tests.

Lara just landed back from South Africa - a place I seem to be surrounded by with multiple friends commuting back and forth between to substitute European winters with African summers.

There is always so much warmth and excitement coming from those who just spent a few months soaking up the sun, radiating it all around. Lara talks about how overpopulated that bit of the world had been in these days “more photographers than models!"


I wonder about novelty. What is this magical refreshing sauce that seems to make us so much lighter and bubblier. How is it that sometimes it takes us months of saving up to buy something desirable and expensive, while other times we just need to drop by a Zara shop and buy away a useless new shirt and skirt, to re-discover being fresh, 20 years old, and the magical feeling that we indeed do run the world? This is a larger metaphor, but also a personal example.

The fountains of energy - these are the real fountains of youth. It's not the years we've been walking this earth, it's all that force and radiance we bring together that make us glow and make-things-happen.




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