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Photo shoot with Olga K. - Urban Bunny

Whatever it was that Helmut Newton was up to with Elsa on the rooftop of an NYC skyscraper definitely stuck with me. Was it the the contrast of my favorite black&white film, the energy of the city that I never liked, but came to deeply appreciate, the elegant reference to Playboy that defined in many ways the culture of that time, or the contrast between the feminine and the sexual - I'm not entirely sure, but it's a photograph I can't get out of my head for years now. I always wanted to do something inspired by it, and here we go. I'm guessing it will surely not be the last one either.

* * *

Here's to my personal favorite bunny - Olya, laughing on the crowded streets of Moscow, mixing with the early birds on a Saturday morning, hopping through the city and looking for that special New York mood.


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