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Model Tests with Arina - Hollywood Mood

Lights our out, you are in.

Shaking off the last year turned out harder than one could imagine, it's almost as if 2020 has created a web around our entire existence made from the most elaborate silk threads, so thin you can barely see them, so strong you can barely break away. It's that moment when you feel so stuck making one single move it seems fiction that you were able to do this before. Just, how? Easy, kiddo, just a step at a time.

It's probably time we got going though, re-learning to make plans, to put ourselves out there, to believe in miracles, and accept the fails. Get that blazer out, pick that favourite bar, walk in, sparkle, and let the night roll.

* * *

It was so special to shoot for Grace Models once again while back in Moscow. It was so special being back in Moscow.

Summers in that city are something very different. When the sun heats up the cobbles, people dash out taking over every terrace available, Spritz is bubbling, laughter is pouring. It's that moment of coming back to life after a winter longer than 7 months, the moment when you stop, look up, and smile.

Grace Models was the first agency I ever worked with after taking my first class at the White Rental Photo School - probably among the best decisions I've ever made. I paid the last 300 euros I had saved up while working my very first year back at Nestle, convinced myself that while I only enjoy shooting nature, and Photoshop is just not. my thing, I should probably explore this whole "working with models" situation.

After the course which we've spent at one of the most beautiful studios in central Moscow, I found myself with an assignment to reach out to at least one agency and do a shoot for them. Like a proper student I've sent out quite some emails from the worst to the best agencies, not knowing exactly what to expect and sat there waiting. Yup, no one replied. Nonetheless, I was somehow convinced my portfolio was more than good enough, so I picked up the phone and started calling them one by one. Deciding not to waste my time, I focused on only the best agencies around, Grace was the cherry on the cake's icing, working across the world with the best models around.

After chatting on the phone, and agreeing to share the portfolio over email once again, I got an answer back within just a few hours about how much the loved my work, and would be happy to give me some girls to shoot.

Since then there were many sets, a huge casting where I worked with 10 faces within 4 hours, a 13-year old girl who told me: "If the photoshoot goes well, I will have a chance to go to Hong Kong", and many more. The girl went to Hong Kong, and I moved to Munich, continuing do to this gem I love so much with other agencies, just as good, and just as famous.

Every time stuff gets hard and tricky, and self-belief starts failing, I always try to remind myself:

"if you want to be among the best, just reach out to the best, pick up the phone, call, and see what happens".

Every time it's hard to trust myself on this, but every time it works.

* * *

* * *


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