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Model Tests with Emily S. - Feelin' Blue

In recent years I unexpectedly found myself in autumn's fan club, which was a borderline crime for someone born in March to be so brutally cheating on the beautiful season of blossoms, and the communal wake-up of nature, humans and ... cats?

It may be that winter hibernation is a bit too deep, or that age started accumulating (meh, nope), but in either case, the "wake-ups" have been slow, tough, and a bit lousy lately.

But spring is spring, and it's about time to leave the winter's "blue" behind, jam some nice Blues just a bit too loud for the neighbors not to hear, get that coffee boiling, jump back into the workouts to rock the beach in the coming summer (hopefully the sandier one, instead of the zoom background we had a bit too much of over the last year). Re-organize the closet, throw away as much as you can, don't ignore the "Does it bring me joy?" approach from the wonderful Marie Kondo (who surely changed the life of all my shirts and pants that live in the drawer once and for all), and bundle up those projects and plans!


Here are some retro-inspired snaps with Emily - we kicked off a pretty intense photo shoot day in Hamburg with this style, and I hope you can feel the energy - working with a professional model who doesn't only know "her thing", but also loves it - that's the best treat of all!


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