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Model Tests with Emilia K. - Sway

The suitcase and I were rolling down paved streets in an industrial neighborhood of Hamburg, coming to terms with the fact that we’ve inevitably missed the train, something both of us have never really given ourselves the moral permission of doing.

This entire little getaway last year was a result of a chain of random gut feelings, sporadic calls, and unexpected confirmations. Following all of them, I decided that I somehow really wanted to shoot some tests. It’s been a while.

Shooting tests - easy. Simple setup, simple organization. Only somehow exactly how I wanted the full gig - I with a stylist on set that I’ve never really worked with, a make-up artist, several models, and a proper studio. What is it that pushes us from more to more - who knows? Multiple calls later, multiple confirmations, a few cancellations, and a few hot tea mugs down the road, here we were with my suitcase. Somehow so late, but carrying multiple Gb’s of photos on the memory card, feeling that we’ve climbed over that mountain with all necessary due diligence, still not fully grasping how we got to this city in the first place, but departing from it proud and satisfied.



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