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Model Tests with Julius - Heading Out

Do you even remember the times when we would be getting ready?

Remember the excitement of hearing about a new event with a fun crowd attending, or the sound of that message invite from a friend asking if you would like to join for a dinner party hitting your inbox?

There would always be that calendar check-in to find out if you had nothing else already pre-scheduled, followed by some slight anticipation, and the sweet, ideally lazy, putting oneself together slot, where work would just end, you still had a few hours for an early snack and to choose that very outfit before heading out. Or sometimes it would all be the most spontaneous mess possible, catching you by surprise last minute, where there was something planned, something canceled and here you are – finding yourself in yet another accidental location, checking how you can upgrade your office look to fun’n’sleek, having nothing but a chapstick in your hands in front of the bathroom mirror.

No matter how it went, life was full of these little moments, that sometimes caused pleasure, sometimes fatigue, but one way or the other got us out there, got us meeting and greeting, mingling, connecting with new people, living the city, and indulging in what it had to offer us.

By now it seems like it's been forever since our very last time, and to some extent it's true, but things will change, and sooner rather than later we will be throwing our favorite looks on, heading out the door, checking if we got the keys, and diving out there into the world not to discover what it has to offer but to create our very own story from scratch.



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