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Model Tests with Matthieu C. - The Escaping Charm of France

When I think of France, I always think of charming little cafes, with their woven chairs and metal tables with marble-like tops. Somehow in my mind, it’s not always sunny, rather, cloudy and with a hint of rain. Somehow, there are always lots of older couples around, with some of the ladies wearing hats … indeed, I feel like the French topic always needs to include a hat and an elegant cigarette. I know these are not as much of a thing anymore, but hey, cannot blame the author, right?

When I focus, there is also often a poodle with a red collar present in the scene. Not sure why, but possibly because I see this entire setup depicted on a black and white photo and poodles are somehow a great protagonist for black and white photos - all that fluff, character, and volume - woof!

In this idyllic scene, among the chairs, tables, cigarette smoke mixed with humid air, and elegant hats, I also see myself.

Sitting at one of the tables, no cigarette, no hat, just a journal, and a pen. This is my secret happy place. There has been so much happening recently. So much happiness, so much stress, so many events, so many happenings that I realized my happy place for the second is simply having some headspace. Having a bit less stress, having a bit more time, having less rush, having more freedom. Having a moment not only to sit down at one of those tables but also to have a free mind, to open up a notebook, to jot some notes, to focus, breathe and simply be.

And it’s all slowly transforming from a dream into a plan. I’m starting to think if maybe getting myself a small iPad with a keyboard may be a good idea, if putting on the agenda this cafe "soul recovery", may be the next best thing to do. Whether in France or elsewhere - charming cafes, older couples, and fresh tea are always on the menu, and for such a special occasion I might even consider getting myself a proper hat.

* * *

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