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Model tests with Camila N. - Simplicity & Lace

Model tests are all about the person rather than cloths, makeup or jewelry.

The beauty of these photo-shoots is that you actually get to work with a person, individual and not just capture a reflection on a diamond's surface or the right texture of that silk skirt. You spend time chatting, having them open up, feel secure in front of the camera and reveal their potential.

* * *

* * *

It's curious how based on countries and agencies you get to work with various profiles.

In Russia where recruitment is active and castings happen one after the other, girls getting their books together are often 14 to 16 years old, shy and new to the business scene. They come in telling you things like "If this goes well, I might get to go to Singapore" and you are standing there casually thinking "Yup, no stress at all, sure deal". Closed poses and lack of attitude is something you need to spend time to convince them to drop. Favorite music and some confidence boosting phrases are a pretty good recipe. A large percentage go to Asian markets afterwards, while remaining stay in the country or go to Europe.

Europe itself, however, is different - agencies in smaller cities almost only represent already established faces who have a proven track. These ladies walk in owning the room, knowing "the poses" and enjoying the time. Nonetheless, it's still a great treat to meet someone you enjoy chatting with, laugh at the same time and really click. This happens somewhat as rare as it does in any other life-scneario, but those photos are always the most sincere and honest.

* * *

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