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Model Tests with Bozena L. - Business as Usual

Business or casual, work or leisure. There are so many minutes in a day and so little time in 24 h.

Get up, stand out, march down, come up.

It's all a clown from a circus juggling our "I need to", "I want to" and maybe even a few "I should." It's all about our inner artist getting these to work together and make us smile.

Wake up, stretch out, get ready, rock your day.

* * *

The series with Bozena is the another one from the wonderful Ruby Lilly Hotel in the heart of Munich.

Same location, so new attitude, same light, another angle. Playing with colors, textures and lines, rushing from a professional look into the relaxing bliss of a lazy Sunday. Sometimes a day is a whole journey.

* * *

* * *

* * *

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