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Photo shoot with Claudia S. - The Antics

While I was bragging about my love for autumn, the orange leaves are for the most part now squashed along the pavement or collected in big piles, lounging on the lawns. This makes the mind wonder, going back to some special moments and some things that are surely over for 2020. Claudia's photo shoot was the very first after the major part of the first lock down. It was May, it was sunny, it was especially special to meet new people, and especially cool to get back to doing something you love. Even cooler to learn something new - this was among my very first tries at fashion photography, and hands down - I loved it!

I'm probably most thankful to these past warm months for the outdoor photo shoots we were able to do, the team and the results, which are all competing on the pedestal called "My favorite". It's really great to see how your own style changes, regardless of what others around notice - you know yourself better. The feeling of growth makes you want to move forward and little by little loose fear. We have some cold months to walk through, but hey, the snow will melt and we will be right back at it.

Stay warm.

* * *


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